Welcome to StoreFront School

Our Story!

Every year, the Strathmore Storefront School continues to make improvements to provide alternatives for students who choose to attend a program that meets their individual needs. The Storefront team has evolved over the last 5 years, starting with1 lead teacher and 3 support staff, to a team of 4 teachers, 3 support staff combined with the entire Learning Academy staff as well as a family resource worker and an educational consultant.  This is made possible through a partnership with the Golden Hills Learning Academy. The staff works together to provide one-one and small group tutoring as well as some teacher taught option courses. Our space is designed to offer a flexible and modern environment for students to work in. Both teachers and, in some cases, an administrator, meet with students on an individual in-take basis to ensure that guidelines and expectations for students are clearly established. These meetings allow for student voice and input and are intended to set students up for success, as there is a focus on student strengths, interests and goals, and for mature students we can allow more flexibility and freedom in their learning environment. The Storefront is a positive teacher-student space, where the opportunity to learn is at the forefront.